October 5, 2007

Hiring a Wedding Planner

When you think of hiring a wedding planner, the first thing that comes to mind is, “It is too expensive.” The real fact is that it may very well be the best investment you ever make. Most brides work full time, some have children, elderly parents, and countless other obligations. Add to that, the pre-wedding parties, gown fittings, etc.. With today’s hectic lifestyles, how are you going to fit it all in? A good planner will be your best friend. They have done all the research and can recommend quality vendors or suppliers, most of the time at a better price. Planners can often suggest something you hadn’t thought of, or a less expensive alternative. They will save you time, money, and relieve your stress. You, your family, and your friends deserve to have fun and enjoy your special day. Leave the worry behind.

You may want to do some or most of the planning yourself, after all that’s part of the fun. It can also be very time-consuming, checking prices, researching, making sure you are getting the best deal for your money. Most planners have several different plans or packages to accommodate every situation. Large, or small, simple or elaborate, it is your day. Planners guide, suggest, and help in any way. We wear many hats: advisor, financial planner, coordinator, supervisor, director, mediator, even waiter! A wedding planner is always someone you can bounce ideas off of and talk to about anything. We are great at keeping secrets, our reputation depends on it.

If you have a medical problem, you see a doctor. If you need legal advice, you see a lawyer. Why would you not seek a professional for the most important day of your life? Even if you plan most of it yourself, you need someone there the day of to oversee everything. A professional has the training and experience to handle any situation that may arise.

You need a reputable planner or consultant that has been professionally trained. There are several national wedding organizations. Most of them offer certification programs and keep a database of their members. Check to see if he or she is a member of one. Ask for letters of recommendation. Ask to see some pictures of their weddings. Above all, you must be able to trust and feel comfortable with your consultant. You will be communicating with each other a lot during this busy time.

Promised Hearts is a family business. We work together to create what you want. We offer suggestions based on the couple’s personality. This special day should be a reflection of you. We listen to your needs, desires, and brainstorm with you to make the day even more special. Every bride and groom is unique. We seek to reflect your personality, lifestyle, family traditions, and spiritual beliefs into your special day. Our goal is to bring your ideas to life, not tell you how your wedding should be.
Pam DuVal & her husband, Joe Cadorette own Promised Hearts. Pam’s daughter, Deanna & her husband, Charles are also part of the team. Joe’s two sons are in training. You get the best of both – experience and youthful ideas. As natives of the area, Pam and Deanna can confidently recommend the best vendors for your special day. Together we can make your dream day a reality!

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