November 16, 2007

Custom Bridal Gown Design: a Practical Option for Every Bride

There are few aspects of wedding planning that cause as much stress for the bride than finding the perfect gown. It's understandable; a bride is putting herself on display in front of friends and family, and wants to look her absolute best. This is why it becomes so frustrating to shop for that perfectly appropriate, figure flattering gown that won't blow the entire wedding budget with one trip through those white fluffy racks.
When you exhaust yourself searching for the perfect gown that combines the best aspects of what you've seen in boutiques, and you start to suspect that it doesn't exist, it may be time to consider an increasingly popular option: custom design.
A custom designer can act as a fashion stylist for your wedding, unifying your attire with the overall look and tone of the event. By creating the perfect gown instead of searching for it, you simplify your planning process and gain the insight of an industry expert. You also ensure that your gown is completely unique to any other style another bride might wear. If the idea of designing a bridal gown from scratch seems overwhelming, keep in mind that a good designer will combine her sense of style with your ideas, then customize every detail until your ideal gown emerges.
A custom bridal designer will make your gown to fit your body exactly, which will virtually eliminate the need for time consuming (and costly) alterations. Your gown will first be made in an inexpensive cotton muslin fabric, which is used to perfect both the design and fit before any expensive fabrics are cut. This allows you to envision the details of the gown and ensure the most flattering fit and proportion.
Just as a good wedding planner fits their fee into your overall spending plan, custom design offers you the advantage of working within your price range. Consider the designer gown you fell in love with at the boutique: everything was perfect except the price. A large manufacturer often can't offer fabric or design changes to alter the price for one customer. A custom designer will make sure every alternative is explored to give you exactly the gown you want at a price you're happy with.
Custom design isn't about following current trends or copying a popular style. A wedding gown should be so much more; it highlights the bride's best features and creates a timeless silhouette that is not only one of a kind, but will never go out of style.

~ Rebecca Kessler is a custom bridal gown designer based in New Bern, NC. She is available by appointment and can be reached at:

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