January 27, 2008

Another Great Wedding Drink

Kir Royale

1 Shot - De Kuyper Crème De Cassis (15% abv)*
Top up - Champagne (12% abv)*
Liquid volume = 125ml*
Alcohol by volume (ABV) = 12.6%*

* Please note: Volume and ABV values are approximations only.

Build the ingredients in the flute glass. Add the champagne first and then slowly add the De Kuyper Crème de Cassis very slowly to achieve a “blush” colour or until it has the appearance of Rosé champagne.

Additional notes:
A traditional and classic cocktail which is so easy to make. Adds a touch of style to any occasion with the minimum amount of effort!

Add a fresh blackberry/raspberry or a bright red cocktail cherry for a splash of colour!

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