January 19, 2008

Bridal Tattoo Cover Kit

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Price: $33.99
Sale price: $28.95
Sku: WS-TKB3016
Tattoo Cover Kit !
Sure, that permanent logo on your back or ankle looks cool on the beach, but does it really fit your wedding-day look? Keep tattoos temporarily under cover with this teriffic easy-to-use kit. When applied correctly, results are flawless, undetectable, and water- and smudge-proof -- and ideal for making birthmarks, freckles, skin disorders, varicose veins, and bruises do a disappearing act too! Kit is packaged in a handy tin case and includes Leg Magic with SPF 16 in both Light Beige and True Beige, primer and finishing powder, camellia lotion, and an application sponge and powder brush. Application instructions are also included.

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