May 15, 2008

Chocolate Diamonds!!

Now, That's gotta be a girls best friend!!

Chocolate and White Diamond 1/2 Carat (ctw) Ice Flower Ring in 14K White Gold
My Sale Price: $199
Retail Value: $700
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A decadent row of round Australian chocolate diamonds (approx. 1.45 to 1.5mm=.2ct) are prong-set in a curved arch that extends over a round golden cultured freshwater pearl (approx. 9mm). The 14K bypass-style band is polished to a mirror-like shine.Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Chocolate Diamond 14K Ring Measures approx. 3/8"L x 9/16"W x 7/16"H with 1/16"W shank . from HSN

It's funny how until very recently, diamonds of considerably lower colors with brownish hues and yellowish overtones, were simply known as "low color diamonds".
Lower colored diamonds, are not as scarce or valuable as diamonds of icy white colors and therefore command less of a premium than the diamonds of higher (better) color grades.
Problem was, certain diamond mines tended to only produce diamonds of substantially lower colors. Well these are diamonds too and they needed to be sold..right? Well, of course!
Some brilliant marketing guru came up with an incredible idea; why not market these diamonds with finesse! Indeed, why not turn the very liability of the stone into something positive?
Thus, was born the marketing strategy known as "chocolate diamonds," "cognac diamonds," and/or "champagne diamonds".

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