September 3, 2008

Sensational Centerpieces

Sensational Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself!
By: Karen Sullen

With the price of almost everything on the rise, many brides are looking for ways to shave a little off the cost of their wedding without sacrificing beauty and style. It goes without saying that flowers and centerpieces are a large part of the wedding budget, so any decrease in that area would be a benefit to most. For many creative brides, making their arrangements is an option. But what happens when you’re not particularly crafty or creative? You explore quick and easy-to-assemble options that add a sense of style to your table décor.

Now, anyone can make beautiful centerpieces! My Wedding Favors has introduced a new line of wedding centerpieces that have a lot of people talking. They are beautiful accents that can transform a simple bowl or candle into a masterpiece. Here is what you can do:

Just add water to these Cracked Ice Mystic Crystals” and in just a few hours you will have formed “cracked ice” which is a wonderful base for nestling flowers, candles or other items. It’s an elegant wedding centerpiece that is simply stunning.
Another simple but elegant idea comes from these “Radiant Illusions” floating candles. The unique thing about them is that there is no wax candle, giving the appearance of only a floating flame. Paired with a beautiful vase, rocks and floral accents, the candle centerpiece is a lovely addition to your table décor. With over 800 hours of burning time per box, you won’t have to worry about the flame dying out.
For another lasting impression, nothing says elegance quite like delicate orchids rising from an attractive vase. Depending on the container, these “Delicate Balance” orchid stems can be a contemporary or classic addition to your affair.

Creative design elements like these can really make the difference when designing your own arrangements. However, premade arrangements, topiaries and bouquets from can also grace your tables with style—no assembly required!

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Sylma said...

Wow! Never knew about the cracked ice product. I'll definitely use some for my holiday centerpieces and my sister's upcoming wedding in January.

Thanks for the great ideas!