February 12, 2009

Sweeten Up Your Valentine with Cocktails

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By Colleen Graham,

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(In honor of Valentines I thought I'd share)
Valentine's Day is all about doing something extra special for your sweetheart and during that romantic dinner for two you can pull out a cocktail or two that will impress. Typically we think of sweet, chocolaty, creamy drinks for Valentine's Day, and while cocktails in that vein like the Agave Kiss, Chocolate Martini and Raspberry Truffle do follow this train of thought, there are options that are lighter on the sweetness.

One of the other aspects we look for in cocktails for this special occasion are those that include aphrodisiacs, which always help you get in the mood. On that not-so-sweet side there are drinks like the Blushing Geisha, which has an aphrodisiac-laden Ty Ku liqueur with rose and pomegranate. Or there's the Tickled Pink, which brings in a touch of Champagne along with mango and the suggestive passion fruit. Another favorite is the pineapple and Champagne Flirtini; or skip the Champagne and go with a refreshing Red Lotus (vodka, cranberry and lychee liqueur).

Then again, the sweetness isn't all that bad and, since Valentine's Day is about indulging on sweets, we can't forget about the more decadent cocktails. Of these the French Martini is a fabulous choice, as is the Silk Stocking and the luscious Victoria's Secret. However, it is the chocolate treats that are the best surprise for your sweetheart and this is where Chocolate Truffles come in. With these little, sweet treats there is an endless list of drinks that go with it and we recently put together some beer, wine and cocktail pairings for a Homemade Dark Chocolate Truffles - personally I'm up for going down to the chocolatier, but the homemade touch is extra special, and this Forget Me Not Fudge has a special, bourbonesque surprise.

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