May 12, 2009

“She Just Got Married. com’ ~ Discovering YOU After 'I Do'

“It takes a village’. While this ancient African proverb speaks of the power of community in raising a child, the concept transcends all aspects of life. The simple truth is that everyone needs the support and encouragement from other people in all times of life and those on the threshold of marriage are certainly no exception. Welcome to She Just Got Married. com where a woman about to embark on one of the most cherished times of her life, can begin building her community of friends and peers who share her joy and pledge their support.

The Boutique is a virtual store where brides to be can shop for beautiful preowned wedding apparel and accessories. Here’s the great part – it’s a Free listing!! So don't box it away never to be seen again...Share the love!!

BUT - the most exciting part of She Just Got Married. com is the Community called the “Coffee Shop” designed for that unique time of life as newlywed woman. From the community blog, the Forum to share ideas, to 'She Just Know How' DIY videos - there's something new each day. Together, with women from all walks of life, come celebrate the magic of marriage and the power of partnership. Get ready to learn a little, laugh a lot, make new friends and discover that love is the most empowering force ever created."

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