July 17, 2009

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How I realized that Me and Designing Wedding Invitations were: “Meant to Be

My wedding invitation business started this year, but my first wedding invitation set was designed four years ago. My friend Katie, also a designer, called me desperate for wedding invitations and was unable to find the time to do them herself.

I really didn’t DO wedding invitations at that time. I created business identities for my free-lance clients, I’ve designed lines of business briefcases and backpacks for Jeep, and during my job at Lowe’s Corporate Home Improvement, I creating products and packaging …but a wedding package…that was different!

I gulped and started to wonder, so what next?

I began to research. I was surprised by the lack of inspiration that was out in the market. Most wedding invitations weren’t especially unique or personal; in fact, it seemed more like “one size fits all”. I also had a hard time justifying the prices. It seemed a terrible way to announce one of the grandest moments in a couple’s new life together.

Invitation design wasn’t a far jump from logo design and business identity. Branding in itself is partially formulating a cohesive personality for a business. By applying these principals when creating the “tone” for wedding invitations, something wonderful happens: Innovation! A carefully balanced design will not take away from the invitation’s content, but will help the eye to focus on what is important. By exciting the senses with something different, you will find that an immediate response from your guests is not uncommon. People crave a fresh approach as opposed to a tired format.

Based on these ideas, I used aspects of Katie’s personality (which were the softer and more floral touches) and mixed them in with Ryun’s personality (which were the art deco and angular treatments). This approach was also a compliment to the wedding theme and her color choices. When she first saw the design, she called me and said that she started crying she was so thrilled! (I like to think that it was purely because of the design-work, but I’ll consider the fact that she may have been slightly over-emotional due to wedding stress…it was only a month away!)

There were a couple things that I specifically enjoyed about doing wedding invitation designs that encouraged me to go forward:

1) Working with the Bride/Groom. So in other words: You are the greatest point of inspiration to me! In order to be a successful designer, one has to have an intuitive nature and be able to pick-up on small details of a couple’s personality.

In a way, you are “reading a person’s” mind through the images that they are giving you and the words they are using to describe what they are envisioning.

Listening, asking specific questions, being flexible and accessible, these are all factors that go into custom wedding invitations.

2) Being innovative! There are a lot of traditional wedding invitations, but updating and applying trends in a constructive way establishes a new standard of excellence. Investing in your event through custom invitations is a way to make your special day memorable. A true artist can create a contemporary piece that is timeless. A designer needs to know what kinds of papers are available in the market, what the new textures are, and how to execute the final product so that it gives off one simple vibe: Wow…

3) Having Passion! Personal pride in devising new design approaches while being passionate about making every detail shine is what makes for an unmatched invitation set. It is wonderful thing to see someone beam from happiness or write in excited detail about the reactions they have received from their invites!

When A Wedding Invitation is Done Right, it Becomes a Keepsake

People know the difference between art and ordinary. The highest compliment is for your guests to keep your wedding invitations. Investing in invitations is important for two reasons: It keeps your special day memorable in the minds of your guests and it is important to consider the money spent on a run-of the-mill invitation that will possibly be thrown-away.

There are plenty of budget conscious and completely out-of-the box ideas that can portray your wedding in a brand-new light. Please contact me for a free, custom wedding invitation consultation or check out my pre-designed wedding packages and I can give you some pricing. If you check out my blog or Facebook page, leave a note or some feedback, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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