July 23, 2009


Classically trained as a cabana hand towel, Owen first gained popularity in the Triassic period for his role in the comedy troop T-Rex and the Vertebrates. His signature catchphrase, “Meteorite schmeteorite”, played well with audiences and soon Owen grew tired of playing second fiddle to T-Rex.
It wasn’t until one night when Owen finally let loose on T-Rex saying, “You, sir, have silly short arms. And I’m through with you.” This final contact with T-Rex and the Vertebrates was the beginning of his solo career.
After a short stint in Las Vegas opening for Tony Orlando, Owen returned to the sea and found work with Carnival. “It is here that I have found true happiness,” he said recently. “Days cruising the open water and evenings entertaining guests of all ages. What more could a giant lizard ask for?”

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