February 21, 2010

Your Wedding ... A Painting!!

Meet Tesh Parekh!
I love doing wedding & event paintings. I paint on location as well as in studio. Location paintings are done from life, without the aid of any reference material.
I usually arrive an hour before ceremony. I find the best location to paint from and finish preliminary drawing and painting before the ceremony starts. The challenge is painting bride & groom with the wedding party, as well as some of the attendees! There is not much time, so, I have to work quickly. But, this is what makes painting on location so special and it gives the painting a unique fresh look.It takes me few minutes after the ceremony to complete the painting. I immediately frame the painting and it is ready for display at the reception!

If you are a bride and are interested in capturing your special day in work of art, please contact me. If you are already married (congratulations!), I accept commissions for studio work. I also accept commissions for portraits.


I currently paint weddings, and other events in Watercolors. Depending on the scene, the painting may take 30 minutes to 2 hours. At weddings, the painting will be completed few minutes after the ceremony, framed and ready for display at the reception! It makes a unique gift! If you are already married, I would be glad to do a commissioned painting from reference photos (Oil or Watercolors).


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