April 20, 2010

Decorative Packing Tape

Decorative Packing Tape...
it's a sticky business but it doesn't have to be tacky!

That's why TapeSwell has come up with a unique line of one of a kind decorative packing tapes. We aim to add a distinctly notable look to all your packages, envelopes, and any other stick able surface.

Why should you care about packing tape, you ask? Because beauty makes life worth living, and first impressions matter. The rest of the world knows this. In Japan, where aesthetics are taken very seriously, opening a gift is as important as what's inside. They even have a name for it, tsutsumi.

But you don't live in Japan, you say? True, but who couldn't use more beauty in their life? Besides, TapeSwell makes a bold statement in a low-cost, low-impact, utterly modern way.

Decorative Tape Ideas
Consider every surface your canvas and stick to it.

•Sticky Fashion: Head Bands, Necklaces and T-shirts (definately not machine washable)
•Candles, Frames and Lampshades
•Well Dressed Boxes, Cello Bags and Book Covers
Endless possibilities with TapeSwell.

Check out their blog.

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