August 27, 2010

Roundabouts Decorative Cupcake Sleeves

Roundabouts cupcake sleeves are self-sticking wrappers that come in a wide range of lighthearted designs, from faux "hamburgers" and "popcorn tubs" to "ice cream cones" and "margaritas".

The sleeves are resistant to grease and oily substances, the manufacturer says, and will not yellow or become brittle.

They are 100 percent recyclable and are made without the use or water or toxics, according to the company. Custom designs are also available.

Weddings To Remember...
Anniversaries Not To Forget...
Oftentimes, it’s the ‘little things’ that really say I Love You. Roundabouts® offers several themed sleeves that can add just the right touch to your wedding or anniversary celebration.

Whether your event is large or small, sophisticated or simple, we can provide you with some special touches that will not go unnoticed. As with most good things, it’s the details that matter.

Celebrate your love… In a Roundabout Way

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