April 6, 2011

Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed...and that bring us to something blue! A blue garter is the usual go-to, and some brides even work in some blue jewelry, but here are some fun alternatives to try:

Purse – Use a fun blue clutch to carry around you Day Of must-haves like lipstick and tissues.

Nail Polish – Work in a little blue to your manicure or pedicure. It can be tasteful and subtle or a bright, sunny sea blue.

Hair Piece – You can find great hair combs, pins, tiaras, or sparkly headbands with blue stones like sapphire, opal, tanzanite, or aqua marine.

Handkerchief – This is an old fashioned idea of carrying a lovely and delicate hanky. It could be blue itself or embroidered and makes a beautiful keepsake...maybe with a little dry cleaning.

Dress Detailing – Many dresses have options to add some color; this works great if you are using blue as a wedding color, but if it isn't in your overall palate a sash that can be taken off later works well. This is especially good for military brides whose grooms will be in dress blues, a navy sash coordinates perfectly.

Bouquet – There are several different ideas to incorporate blue into your bouquet. A wrap around the stems or a charm hanging from a ribbon, blue can be snuck in here with ease. Or even add a blue bloom, like hydrangeas.

Charm – Yes, I said that blue jewelry wasn't the most original idea, but a similar idea is to keep whatever jewelry you were planning to wear but adding a small blue charm to your necklace or bracelet. To continue with this idea a new charm can be added every anniversary!

Shoes – Blue shoes, my favorite idea of them all! From a navy heel to a baby blue flat, the options are endless and one will be perfect for you. There are even blue rhinestone stickers that you can add to the bottom of your shoes! http://www.goodthingsweddingfavors.com/i-do-wedding-shoes-rhinestone-applique-by-mindy-weiss.html

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