May 20, 2011

Do the Dress Double-Take

The wedding dress. THE wedding dress! A great wedding dress can steal the show on your big day, and why not. Many brides work hard leading up to their big day to fit into their dress the way they want. Not to mention the time they spend pouring through magazines and dragging friends and family from store to store hunting for that perfect dress. When you have finally found it, why not...get another!?

An additional dress for your reception is a proverbial wagon that more and more brides are hopping on. You can change the entire tone with a quick costume change. A full, dramatic gown for your traditional ceremony is great. Afterward, while your guests are enjoying a cocktail hour or hors d'ourves, switch into a short, fun dress for your reception and be free to mix and mingle with your beloved guests without carrying around 40 additional pounds of tulle.

However, a second dress doesn't have to change the feel of the party. You can carry over the style of your first dress into the second. For instance, if you have a full-length gown with a sweetheart neckline and lots of sparkle, your second dress can be an above-the-knee with a similar sweetheart neckline, and instead of the full beading you could opt for a sparkly belt.

Since I love accessories I also see this as an opportunity to do a little extra shopping in this department. Of course, it is completely acceptable to carry your accessories over through your wardrobe change, but you also have the opportunity to transform your trinkets. And the same rule of being able to sport the same style in a different way still applies. Say you have beautiful, dainty pearls during the ceremony, throw on a longer, looped strand of pearls. Or forget necklaces all together, take the chance to really rock some statement earrings!

Now, be ready to have your mind blown. Several designers offer convertible wedding dresses!! That's right, I said it. Let me explain this. While you are initially getting ready you wiggle into your dress, then, after your ceremony, first dance, or whatever moment you choose, your dress can be unzipped, unbuttoned, or otherwise folded and tucked to look like an entirely different dress without ever messing up your hair. Even David's Bridal now features a link to the "Two-in-One Gowns" they offer. Check 'em out:

So if you're enjoying searching for that perfect gown the fun doesn't have to stop with just one. And many cocktail or party dresses are available under $100 so your wardrobe change doesn't have to bust the budget.

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