October 14, 2011

Fab Fri Finds - Brooches

Go to http://www.fabulousbrooch.com/ They have a great selection & great prices. Use them on your gown, chair sashes, etc...

Fabulousbrooch.com is an online fashion brooches store offering a variety of rhinestone brooches, wedding brooches, bridal brooches and bridesmaid brooches at wholesale price. Our brooch are ideal for wedding event, cake decorating, brooch bouquet, flip flop.

Jewelry DIY project. Item include antique brooches, round brooches, heart brooches, star brooches, cake brooches, bow brooches, ribbon brooches and much more. If you are looking for broaches for dress decoration, project or party event, our brooches will definitely meet your needs.

We are also able to do custom-made brooches for customers who has special design project. Simply send us your idea or sketch design, and we can develop the brooches for your need. Our prices are very competitive.

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