June 25, 2013

Winter Weddings and Wedding Photography

Weddings are universally recognized as one of the most memorable moments events of a person's life. Additionally, weddings also offer opportunities to unleash creative talents and "wow" guests with the beauty and attention that one puts into the decorations and scenery surrounding the ceremony and reception.

Winter weddings, in particular, offer a number of opportunities to dazzle guests, take advantage of the natural beauty of the season, and give the wedding photographer plenty of material to work with. Here are some of the many advantages of a winter wedding.

Nature is free!

There's nothing like a winter's morning after a fresh snowfall in the mountains. Miles of fresh, white, untrodden snow, pine trees standing in sharp relief against the blanketed ground, and mountains rising in the distance with tiny log cabins peppering the slopes as far as the eye can see.

 All of these things can be captured with a winter wedding, but it is important to be flexible in order to make them part of your big day. Many couples who are interested in spectacular winter weddings turn to nature, as the world is simply different when covered with snow.

Consider renting a cabin in the mountains or visiting a resort or lodge somewhere high and far north. It may be a bit more difficult for the guests to get there, but you will realize the benefits of doing so once you have everything put together. 

The serenity of snow-capped mountains is sure to bring calm to any ceremony and helps unify the connection between humans and nature as much as it will the connection between the bride and groom.

Think of Apparel 

What you wear makes a difference when looking for photography opportunities. Even though it's winter, that doesn't mean you need to bundle up to the point where it looks like you're going to the Arctic.

It's still possible to blend style with safety. It's definitely possible to wear suits and dresses to a winter wedding, as long as you have coats close at hand to help you stay warm. But don't forget to dress up; it makes a difference in the photography, as people enjoy looking at well-dressed people.

However, if you're going for a lighter mood during your winter wedding, you can feel free to bring in all kinds of traditional winter props, including mittens, gloves, hats, boots, and sleds. You might even choose to have the bridal party lined up on sleds by gender, with the bride and groom between them. Or you can arrange people by the trees in the area in formation.

It's up to what you and your photographer want. The important element again is to be flexible and think about how you want your day to be remembered. If in doubt, dress well and stay warm, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to make your winter wedding look as good as it feels on the day of the ceremony.

Work the lighting

When people think of winter, they often think of grey days and a sun that feels cold and distant. However, you don't have to convey this kind of atmosphere in winter wedding photography, even if you're getting married on a cloudy and cold day. An easy way to obtain fantastic pictures is to emphasize the contrast between the warmth of indoors and the cold of outdoors. 

That means taking pictures around twilight, whether before dawn or, more likely, after sunset. Turn on the incandescent lights. Start the fires! The warm orange glow of lighting through the window of a dark wooden lodge contrasts wonderfully with the cold blue and white of the natural world just inches away.  

It helps people remember the difference between living in comfort and being a part of the wildness of nature, and it sets up an amazing atmosphere for any winter wedding. The warm and cool contrasts will yield excellent photography as long as you're willing to get outside and stand in the cold a little bit during the wedding day. 

Having a world class, top grade and professional photographer for these kind of pictures is the key to bringing life, atmosphere as well as the feeling of warmth and the cold from pictures to people. Choosing a photographer that can be flexible and universal are the two key elements. Wedding photographer's all around the world, including Melbourne wedding photographer, Toronto wedding photographer and Moscow wedding photographer's are just a few that offer this versatility and style.  

In summary, there are a number of advantages to winter weddings. In particular, there are plenty of opportunities when one blends winter weddings and wedding photography. It is important to keep the quality of the light in mind and to work to convey a sense of the season in the wedding as well as in the photographic work. Being mindful and flexible in the design of such a wedding can yield beautiful pictures and a beautiful experience for the guests, bride, and groom.
Written by Nada Ljubinovic

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