September 22, 2013

Why Simple Wedding Dresses Are Gaining Popularity

While the to-do list may seem endless when planning a wedding, don’t let stress or budget take the fun out of a day set to celebrate you and the love of your life. If money is an issue, there are plenty of smart ways to save without sacrificing class and beauty. Sometimes with weddings, less is more. Simplicity can be the key to keeping the focus on the couple and the lovethat is shared.

The way you look and feel on your wedding day is a big deal; when else in your life will an entire audience be cued to stand, look in your direction and welcome you as you enter a room? For those ladies that do not want their wedding dress to be the only focal point, a simple wedding dress may be the best way to make sure your guests focus on you.

Simple wedding dresses are absolutely stunning and always in style. However, regardless of the trends, it’s important to choose
a style that’s timeless and perfect for you. There are many things to consider when searching for your wedding dress. It’s important to choose the right silhouette for your body type. A dress that looks breathtaking on one bride might not suit another; you want the dress that makes everyone say “wow!” A simple wedding dress in the perfect silhouette has the ability to blow everyone away.

Buying the perfect wedding dress does not have to break the bank. The amount of time spent choosing the right wedding dress should not be overshadowed by a high price tag. There are thousands of designer wedding dresses that you can purchase for less. Sales, browsing timeless styles from a previous season’s collection, discounts, and negotiations are all ways to save on a simple wedding dress. One of the easiest ways to get the most bang for your bridal buck is shopping for pre-owned wedding dresses. Wedding gowns are one of the only garments that are only worn once and buying pre-owned enables you to save over 70% on designers like
Vera Wang and Pnina Tornai. Buying pre-owned is almost like buying new, but for much less. How you look and feel in your wedding dress will be something you remember for the rest of your life, so don't let the price take away from your magical day.

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