March 4, 2014

New Sandals Barbados


The Islands are our home. Come share them with us.

Barbados is home to exotic locales, a rich history, and an extensive variety of sports and activities. With a spectacular landscape that changes dramatically from one town to the next, each locale possesses an equally sundry pace, offering activities and entertainment for nature lovers, club-goers, and adventurers alike. Escape to this exotic gem where deep caverns and monkey-populated forests abound against the setting of rocky cliffs, white-sand beaches, and sparkling seas.

Discover the vibrancy and charm of a lively destination along with the warmth of the Barbadian people and refined services and amenities of Sandals Barbados
Located in the heart of Saint Lawrence, a bustling South Coast hotspot comprised of a stunning beachfront, colorful nightlife, and superb restaurants and lounges, Sandals Barbados will add Luxury Included® elegance with beautifully-appointed rooms and suites, gourmet dining, impeccable butler service, and more. Graced by white sand beaches, warm turquoise waters, rolling hills, and hidden, underground lakes and caverns, Barbados emits an air of mystery while the resort’s supreme location.
Features at Sandals Barbados
  • Unlimited Premium Drinks Included
  • Gourmet Dining Included
  • 5 Room and Suite categories
  • Scuba Included
  • Watersports with instructions included
  • Free Weddings
  • All Taxes and Gratuities
  • Free Wi-Fi and Internet Café for all guests
  • Round-trip airport transfers included
  • Continental Breakfast available for all rooms/suites
  • Much, much more...

  • Romance
    Barbados is made for lovers.
    With its stunning natural beauty and long tradition of hospitality, there is perhaps no more perfect place to enjoy a romantic getaway than Barbados. Taste the romance in the air with a fanciful dinner for two or with a day trip to the island's most scenic viewpoints including the famed Cherry Tree Hill.
    Simply gazing upon the stunning vistas,
    For many, relaxation is about downtime—for others, rejuvenation. Whichever you prefer, you'll never run out of places to pursue pure bliss in Barbados. Home to a sprawling wilderness as well as golfing, spa opportunities, and calming adventure including fishing, Barbados offers a breath of fresh air.
    The ultimate adventures await thrill seekers.
    You don't have to venture far to find yourself surfing the Caribbean Sea, hiking a tropical forest, or enjoying the varied nightlife of Barbados. Amazing experiences await seekers of any type of adventure...whether easygoing or spine-tingling.
    History buffs will delight
    From the underground caves and scenic vistas to the enchantment of swimming with the giant sea turtles, Barbados is full of fascinating pursuits. Duty-free shopping, tasty culinary delights at world-renowned restaurants, and an age-old rum distillery, all add to the charm of this lively island!
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