Candy Stations, Signs, etc

 Candy stations are not only fun, they are delicious too. At many weddings, these candy stations have replaced the traditional “favor”.

I have read a number of articles about a great candy stations and one thread rings loud and clear: buy enough candy!  Candy buffets work best when they are planned through the eye and not the number of guests.
We have used the ounces / guest method and have been very successful, but the most successful candy buffets seem to be those that are planned by the size of the tabletop.  Tailor the glassware to achieve the look you want. It is suggested to choose 5 to 8 types of candy that you want to display and purchase about 5-8 ounces per person. This may seem like an over abundance of candy, but a large table overflowing with candy has its own presence at your wedding and does not look like something you threw together at the last minute.

Also take into consideration if you have a lot of children, you might need to buy some extra.  If you open the candy station in the early, you may also need more.  However, do keep in mind, this is a “favor” and not intended to feed everyone.

What kind of candy should you buy?  Well, it depends on the theme of your buffet. We recommend 2 to 3 colors to match the color scheme of your wedding.  Are you having a theme wedding? For example, if you are having a beach theme wedding, you can do white chocolate starfish or blue gummy sharks. Other options include retro candy buffet having childhood favorites, or dazzle the crowd with some high-end chocolate treats. If you are on a budget, we suggest less expensive candy to fill the largest jars, medium priced to fill the medium jars and then save the most expensive candies for smaller jars.
We use containers in different shapes and different heights. Clear containers are the best to show off your candy displays. Also use containers that are wide enough for a candy scoop to fit inside, or use tongs. You can personalize your jars with ribbons, letters, or photos.  A suggestion to make the whole look pop is to use displays, to raise some of the containers, giving your buffet height. A finishing touch can be some lights, signs, or flowers matching your theme on the table with your candy.
Lastly, you need to think about how your guests will take the candy away from the buffet. We suggest small cellophane bags, classic white paper bags, or an organza in matching the color theme of the wedding. Whatever type of container you use, you can make it fun and personalize with name tags, ribbons or small stickers. 

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